Bright sun, breeze of ocean winds, and the open roads.
Oman was a perfect place to ride around in the attractive new Optima.
See Optima drive through Oman, a beautiful country which hides a secret of its own.

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Location, Oman
Date, Nov 15th - 16th

Part 01.


Middle East has been considered as a cultural connection between East and the West from old times. Among Middle East, Oman is proud of its longest history, and archeologists, who study Oman, found a track which shows people lived even 5,000 years ago. Therefore, it seems so natural that Oman was chosen for Optima test-ride event. Optima is one of the most unique vehicle in automobile industry, leaving significant mark in industrial design. Thought of experiencing this car in one of the most historical country in the world is enough to cause some excitement after landing at the Muscat International Airport.

Part 02.

The fascination of
Muscat's street

The fact that the 'Adventures of Sinbad' was based on the capital of Oman, Muscat, is well known. It is not irrelevant that Indian Ocean, near to Muscat, is the hub of marine trade, connecting Europe and Asia. In addition, Muscat is also an attractive city to automotive enthusiasts. It is pure joy of experience to drive through dark brown mountainous district, surrounding the city like folding screen, low but bright white buildings, and various ruins in other places.

Part 03.

Perfect harmony

Oman has become popular of the wild adventure trip. In the summer, Oman is nearly 50°C, but between November and March, considered as winter, the fresh weather stays from 20°C to 30°C. Historical remains, natural scenes, tradition, and modern civilization are mixed well in Muscat. For that reason, Optima's true value as the unit for all-weather adventure can be doubled. Especially, the harmony of Muscat's city scenes and deep blue sea, which can be fully enjoyed while riding a winding on-road and off-road through rocky mountains, is truly beautiful.
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Shagri La Barr AI jissa Resort & Spa
AI Angham Royal Restaurant
The Cave

Shagri La Barr AI jissa Resort & Spa68 kmAI Angham Royal Restaurant
Shagri La Barr AI jissa Resort & SpaAI Angham Royal Restaurant 68 km
couse 1
AI Angham Royal Restaurant77 kmThe Cave
AI Angham Royal RestaurantThe Cave 77 km
couse 2
The Cave20 kmShagri La Barr AI jissa Resort & Spa
The CaveShagri La Barr AI jissa Resort & Spa 20 km
couse 3

Part 04.

Rich engine performance

Muscat's Shangri La Barr Al Jissa Resort & Spa is a place where indigo blue sea color unique to harbor city can be enjoyed. On the connected road from here to Al Angham Royal Restaurant, middle stopover, mixture of winding mountain trails stretches all the way to the city. Furthermore, while driving total of 165km, the athletic performance of Optima on the a mountainous district and a coast road is perfect. Outstanding performance seems to speak for the history of vibrant Muscat, main place of marine trade. Optima's excellent performance is greatly highlighted especially while crossing the various fields of engine from low rotation to high rotation.

Part 05.

More Quickly

Optima paid lots of attention to the sense of steering. Following a left and right curved road, car reacts very sensitively and accurately. It works accordingly to the driver's will. The car goes forward without being tired. While continuously driving the mountainous road, going up and down, left and right, can get you tired quickly, Optima will not allow any chance of boring driving. At any moments, the sparkle of enjoyment from the handling is the most important point of driving experience, and Optima properly fits it.

Part 06.


Optima GT concentrates on comfort as much as motility. If a driver travels long distance at high speed, significant fatigue would be accumulated to the back and waist, as well as other parts of the body, due to the long contact with car seats. Therefore, true value of GT depends on the comfort provided to overcome the fatigue caused from its empowered ability. In such aspect, Optima seem to have the surprising gift of gran-turismo, even though it is a sedan. Oman's unpaved roads make small vibration due to the sandy environment, but it is surprising that Optima prevents strain as much as it can when cornering by absorbing the impact of underbody effectively.


Intermediate Point : AI Angham Royal Restaurant

Part 07.

Amazing High technology

Muscat's downtown area, the city of history, has modern attraction and futuristic image at the same time, which shows similarity to the harmony of Optima's design with IT technology comes dramatically. Recently, automobile is evolving every day. Quickly progressing technologies are penetrating the smart features of the automobile to become partially a IT device. Optima follows the current of the times thoroughly. The most impressive is decisively a wireless technology, charging a smartphone, and as a result, allowing us to listen to music as much as we like through Harmon Kardon speaker.

Part 08.

Efficient motion

Some roads in Muscat, Oman, offering mixture of On/Off-road experience naturally gets the drivers to worry the fuel efficiency of their vehicle. Diversely changing driving situations create space for quick fuel consumption, and for moments, it seemed no exception for Optima which showed quality accelerating speed. This was not the case as fuel level gauge held its position for a surprisingly long time.The equipped turbo charger showed improved fuel efficiency at high performance with effective combustion happening inside the engine cylinder.


Destination Point : Shagri La Barr AI jissa Resort & Spa

Optima is the most powerful weapon and center for Kia,
backed by advanced function, outstanding efficiency, and excellent design. Although it is positioned in traditional
medium sized sedan, Optima is a car with impressive and prompt movement. It's a good life partner,
a friend to travel with, intensive sports player as well as
leading high technology. Car involving happiness of life beyond the joy of driving is the spirit ultimately pursues.

All-new Optima - Test Drive in Oman

Check out the lively test drive video of the all-new Optima
in the beautiful landscape of Oman!

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